RDR Seller FAQ

What designers do you accept?

Can I send you pictures before I send my items to you?

Do you accept designers other than what's on the designer list?

What is consignment? How does it work?

What is your consignment commission and what's included?

Do you buy items outright for cash?

What are my options if I don't want to do consignment?

How do you price items?

How long does it take for the cash offer process?

Do you pay shipping for the items I send you?

What if you don't accept the items I send you?

Who pays for shipping if I want my items back?

How long do you try to sell my items?

How will you pay me for my items?

When will I get paid for my items?

My account shows a consignment-check was issued last month but I haven't received it.

What if my items don't sell?

I sold an item this month but have not been paid, when should I expect payment?

How do I change the way I get paid?

How do I change my seller contact information?

What if I haven't received my check in the mail?

I have a balance owed to me below $50 but I haven't been paid for it, what should I do?

Where do I get my seller account number?

I sent in items however I don't see them listed online yet.

Why was I charged dry-cleaning fees?

How do I change the address where I get my seller checks?