Quality Check Information

  • Every item is checked for damages, stains, and other imperfections and appropriately handled for
    your convenience.
  • All our repairs are done in a manner to preserve the integrity and look of the item as if nothing
    was ever done.
  • Every item is shipped clean and in ready to wear condition.

What we do in addition to our quality check..

  • Clothing: repair buttons, zippers, trim and more as needed. We send every item for dry-cleaning. All of our St. John clothing repairs are done by the St. John Knits Factory.
  • Shoes: clean, polish, buff and retouch the exterior as needed. Sanitize and clean the interior.
  • Handbags: clean the inside and out, polish, buff, and retouch the exterior as needed.
  • Jewelry & Accessories: clean and sanitize with an ultra-sonic cleaner or other gentle jewelry cleansers to preserve the finish. We replace the backings of non-metallic studs and all padding for clip-on earrings.
    *For complete details regarding the condition of an item, please view the item description. Light steaming may be required on some clothing upon delivery. New items may not apply.